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In 1995, Dirk Schoeman, the Managing Director, (Nat.Dip.Analytical Chemistry) started PHS Cosmetic. The company engaged manufacturers and co-developed a Professional Hair Care System called Bio-Kinetic®. The Bio-Kinetic®  system has subsequently become a household brand name across South Africa. PHS Cosmetic has also developed a strong relationship with two Italian companies, SOCO Cosmetici & Leader CAM, in order to expand Bio-Kinetic’s offering to the South African Hair Stylist.

As a result, PHS Cosmetic offers the following products to the consumer:


Representing the In-Salon Hair Care System, as well as a Retail System to the end user.

SOCO (Axenia & Coloranda)

Representing a Professional Permanent Hair Colouring System, as well as an Ammonia-Free Hair Colouring System


Representing of the best Italian hand-crafted Designer Scissors, for the Hair Stylist who believes their cut is their Signature.


Our passion is to create outstanding products

Bio-Kinetic products can be divided into two different categories, “For my Salon” and “For Myself”. New and existing Salon Stockists are more than welcome to complete the submission form under the category “For my Salon” in order to find out more about the products.

We unfortunately do not sell products directly to the public, however, if you complete the submission form under the “For Myself” category, we will get back to you with the name and location of a stockist close to you.


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